Videos Are Powerful Fundraiser Tools

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.

Promote Using Videos

One of the most powerful tools that you can use to promote your fundraising campaign is videos. You’d be surprised to know that, on average, campaigns that use videos raise 70 percent more, a number you cannot ignore. Potential donors find videos the most alluring as they connect to them emotionally. This helps increase your campaign’s awareness and bring in more donations.

If you’re lucky enough, the video can go viral, which is more than what you need for your campaign. Make your video engaging, add some great photos, and combine this with an effective social media strategy, and you’re set to go.

Video Editing

To get started, you don’t need an expensive camera or be a professional to record a decent video. Being familiar with video editing can be an advantage, of course, but it’s not completely necessary. Your smartphone, digital camera, or your computer’s camera should be enough.

If you’re recording the video with a camera or your phone, mount it on a tripod or something stable. Record the video in a well-lit area with the light source focused on the subject. Stay close to the subject so the audio can be clearly recorded.

Create a Script

It is advised to create a script before you start recording the video. Make a few demo videos too so you can get the hang of it. If it’s an interview, come up with some questions related to the topic and share them with the person you’re interviewing so they can come prepared.

Connecting to People

The idea behind creating a video for your fundraiser is to connect to people so they will donate to your campaign. This means that you should be honest about your story and speak from your heart. It should resonate with potential donors and inspire them to support your cause. In the video, also mention how the funds will be will used and how much of a difference they will make. Be sincere when you’re asking for donations and maintain a positive tone throughout the video.

Use Your Creativity

Once you’ve recorded the video, you can edit it to your preference. You can remove scenes, increase or decrease brightness, and even add in some background music. Use your creativity to make an engaging video that speaks out to donors and you’ll be surprised with the difference one video can make to your fundraiser.

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