How to Write a Press Release for Your Fundraising Campaign

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.

A Powerful Press Release

If you’re looking to gain some media coverage for your fundraising event, what you primarily need is a powerful press release. Writing for journalists is quite different from writing in general, so you’ll need to focus on a few points. The most important point is to make sure that your press release is brief because reporters are perpetually surrounded by deadlines and requests. Here are some tips on how to write a good press release for your fundraising campaign.


Be honest about the challenge

Your challenge or hardship is personal, and it can be difficult to discuss this. But being honest about your story and why you’re so involved with this campaign will help a great deal. Reporters will need to understand, possibly relate, and verify if your story is true, so make sure you thoroughly describe your challenge, the history as well as the current situation.

Present the news value

Identify the newsworthy part of your situation and mention these details. Relate your case to current news topics. The idea is to make your campaign relevant, and ensuring that people understand it is very important. If your campaign is about something that’s not very well known, then you’ll have to be more descriptive about it.

Discuss your relationship with the community

Showing people that you’re an active member in your community can help boost your fundraising campaign. List out the community groups or organizations you’re involved with and make sure you mention their names accurately for reference purposes.

How important your campaign is

Anyone who invests or donates money will want to know what it is going to be used for or where it is headed, so be crystal clear about how the funds from the campaign will be used. Mention how important this campaign is to your life, family, or community. Make it as personal and relatable as possible.

Remain positive

Although it is important that you’re completely honest about your challenge and the campaign, it is equally important that you present the press release in a positive tone that reflects your outlook or attitude.

These tips should help you put together a great press release for your fundraising campaign.

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