Community Fundraising

How to Help A Neighbor with Community Fundraising

Jeanese WardRaising Funds Through Volunteers

Community fundraising is the act of raising funds through volunteers. It is one of the oldest and best ways to raise funds because it gives both the volunteers as well as the contributors a real sense of participation in whatever the cause may be.

Here are a few tips and pointers that will make your fundraising efforts a lot more efficient.

Organize events that are fun

Fundraising events do not strictly have to be a dinner or a party where people drop off money at the end of it. Think of a game-filled afternoon where participants, all the way from children to adults, can come and enjoy themselves. Make sure that the event is memorable and the fun aspect is always at the forefront.

Knowledge about the event

Asking people for checks without telling them what exactly they are paying for is just wrong. If it is going to be an event with crowd participation, they should know why they are gathered on a Saturday afternoon running in the mud. While it is good to have fun, never retract from the ‘why’ aspect.

Show results

After the event is complete, make sure you have a follow-up with charts, figures, and numbers to show exactly how and where people’s contributions are going. It makes it easier to do the same thing again the following year if you actually show people how useful their funds have been and how it had a direct and measurable impact on the ’cause’.

Be resourceful

You need to spend some amount of money if you expect returns of any kind. Organizing a food carnival, for example, should leave with a majority of funds left over for the cause you were raising funds for in the first place. It makes absolutely no sense to spend $100 and make only $50 out of it. That is a net loss. Make sure you spend minimally so that all the money that comes in is useful. Breaking even is not the goal.

Well, there you have it. This list should help you to get your neighbor started on their community fundraiser using qikSo’s online fundraising platform.




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