How to get more donations – continued

17: Easy to share email feature: Simply select your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook/Windows or Mac address book. Confirm your connection and qikSo  will send an email announcement to all your contacts for you.

18: Use more than 1 email account: Connect to all of your email accounts when using the qikSo share feature. If you have Gmail and AOL, make sure to connect to Gmail and then also connect to your AOL account right after.

19: Use the same process for social media. Select LinkedIn, then connect all of your contacts and qikSo will take care of the rest.

20: Share as much as you can for a big launch –  Get as many of your friends, family and loved ones to connect their email contacts to your campaign to help with the initial announcement. The initial launch is when the most donations take place. Without a good launch, most fundraising pages can be put at risk to hit their goal.

21: Timing is key to have a good launch. Amplify your fundraising page by having your team announce on the same day and time. To do this agree on a specific day and time – example, Wednesday at 10 a.m. In this case, everyone send out the same announcement. This is the day that everyone involved should connect their email contacts to your qikSo page.

22: Timing should be the same for social. After your team has shared directly with their email contacts, share the same information via social media posts. These posts can take place on Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter and other social networks.

23: Keep going after you launch – The amplification team should be very reactive after the announcement. Here is their to-do list, and be sure to set these expectations for them.

24: Proactive and reactive to questions and comments – Replying quickly to emails to keep the donation page active. Encourage donations, and encourage those who can and cannot donate to further share the cause by using the donation page share feature via their email account.

25: Monitor social media. The amplification team should respond to tweets or likes on Facebook from potential supporters with additional tweets, comments and links. This will help your cause become a trending topic within your social network and outward.

26: Iterate this process – Create some short conclusions to help everyone on your team understand their tasks and remain focused.

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