Fundraising Ideas for Volunteer and Service Projects

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.A lot of people want to help others, but do not know how to. Either they are unaware about what they can do, or simply have no time with them to engage in social services. This does not mean that people have become insensitive or do not care. It only means that people who want to do something simply are unable to for various reasons – which are all genuine!

These people, however, are always ready to help indirectly. They want to contribute to people who are engaged in social services or other such philanthropic activities. The problem is that connecting these two sets of people is a bit difficult. This is where crowd-funding can come to the rescue. Crowd-funding provides a platform for those who intend to help people who are actively engaged in social services. Here is how you can raise funds from these individuals using Crowd-funding:

Be clear about your project goals

Project goals that are clearly written and objective have a better chance of attracting the right crowd. This establishes your credibility and lets donors know that their funds are being utilised well.

Choose the correct platform

A crowd-funding platform like qikSo can help you get in touch with a number of potential donors to your cause because of its popularity. The image of a crowd-funding website is just as important to fund-raising as is the image you create for yourself.

Be involved with something genuine

There are a number of people who involve with philanthropic activities that are not even very serious in nature or even so important, simply for the pleasure of being involved in some social service. Getting involved with issues that are genuine, and have an actual impact on society can get you more donors for your project.

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