Fundraising Ideas for Sports and Teams

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Equipments, travel, sportswear, tournament..the list of expenses involved in maintaining a sports team can be huge. Here are some ideas worth exploring for a sports fundraiser.


The very word ties in nicely with the sports theme and gets the active people more involved. Tie up with a healthcare agency or a sports club to promote health and fitness, while you achieve your objective. Most people are happy to donate for a cause, while they get a good workout.

All the details including the location and prize money if any need to be planned in detail. Selling branded tees, mugs or caps during the event is another smart way of cashing in on the opportunity.

Scratch cards

Each player or sports club member buys a scratch card that could be worth $ 10. Each donor crosses off a dot by donating a small amount of money. By the time all the dots are crossed off in the card, you would have raised $100, with a $ 90 profit per player. If there are 20 players or members, you could rake up some decent funds!

Book sale

Everyone loves books. The team members can start collecting a few relics from friends and family and put them up for sale. Start a book club on Facebook and send out posts to get more people involved. You will not only raise funds, but also spread the love for reading.

Temporary tattoos

Tattoos are loved by kids and older adults alike. Small, removable tattoos can be sold for $ 1 or $2 throughout the year to raise funds for the next sports season.

Art work

If you have an artist in your midst, create some unique artwork on Tees or mugs, fabric and sell them online. You can also hire an agency or use online templates to create your own art.

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