Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education

Jeanese WardIt is common to hear that a public or private school is need of extra money to finance special projects, educational initiatives or events. Similarly, academic clubs, educational societies and honor societies also require money for financing their academic goals and initiatives.

Here are some useful ideas that can help raise funds for schools and educational clubs:

Partnership with a restaurant chain

Did you know that there are numerous restaurant chains, including local eateries that are excited about partnering with educational clubs and schools and help then generate funds?

In most cases, the local eatery or restaurant chain will host a “school fundraising” night in which a part of the sales get donated to the club or school.

As a school or academic club, you simply need to advertise this special night and spread the word around. You could use stickers or pre-made flyers from the restaurant to help you do the advertising and promote the fundraising night.

Car wash

This one is perhaps the oldest trick in the hat. Car washes have always been a popular choice as a fundraiser in schools and educational clubs. You could involve a local business in your city or state to offer its high-visibility site for the car wash. Alternatively, you could also host the car wash at the school premises. This type of fundraiser is usually a lot of fun and a great opportunity for students and families to bond.

Crowdfunding website

The digital era calls for some smart use of technology, right? Choose a crowdfunding site and design it with good quality content explaining why the money is collected and where it will be used. For example, you could talk about the new cafeteria or playground that needs to built. Be honest when narrating your story as it will help create a better impact.

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