Fundraising Ideas for Politics and Public Office

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Running for public office or starting an election campaign, politics cannot do without funds. Statistics also show that about 90% of senate races were won by those who spent the most amount of money! Election campaigns need huge amounts of money and cocktail dinners and marathons are the more commonly held fundraising events.

Below is a list of some doable fund raising activities to bring in the dollars.

Tie up with a cause and a celebrity

People love to donate for the right cause. If you are not a popular leader already in your locality, you might need to tie up with a worthy cause or a celebrity who can endorse the cause. Bring in the local celebrity to talk about a cause which could be cancer research, animal welfare, or the environment. It could also be a localized concern, such as saving or restoring a historical building and so on. The tickets for the event could be priced nominally, to allow for more people to attend. The charity event can also be promoted through Facebook or email campaigns if needed to take it to more people.

Approach the local music group

Music is everyone’s favourite and people love to attend a rock concert or performance in their neighbourhood. Approach a local music group and see if you can share part of the proceeds for your campaign. You could help in promoting the concert through online ticket sales or retail tie ups. Tees or caps with a social message could also be sold at this event to raise more money.

Hold a family event

Plan the costs involved in a barbeque get together for the families in the neighbourhood. While keeping the costs low, you can charge a profitable amount per family.

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