Fundraising Ideas for Pets and Animals

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Furry or otherwise, our animal pals can do with lots of love and care. Good intentions and love alone are not enough to protect and cherish the animals. Whether you are donating to the local animal shelter or trying to help animals across the world, you need funds, in a big way.

Here are some fundraising ideas worth exploring:

Plan a dogathon

If you are a member of any club or social groups, send out invites through WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter for a dogathon. Get your friends and family involved as well to invite all others they know. All dog owners in the neighbourhood can participate too. Any public park that has a dog track will do for the event. Organize a fun dogathon while announcing the noble cause of donating towards animal welfare. A registration fee that is reasonable will help you make a decent amount of money since the costs involved may be very less or zero!

Talk to the local businesses

Approach the local markets and business owners, including restaurants, supermarkets and kids toy stores. Place your “donate for animals” donation box in all these locations in the neighbourhood. The shop or restaurant owners themselves may be willing to donate a decent sum.

Make some animal cards

If you or someone you know is talented, draw up some organic animal prints on recycled or biodegradable paper. Sell these online or in local shops with a profit sharing arrangement. You can easily put up an online store of your own on Facebook and initiate a low budget promotion for the sale of cards.

Organize a pet picture contest

You can ask friends and family, and the neighbourhood to send their pet pictures of their pets! The best picture wins more “awws” while you charge a small fee for registration.

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