Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Spreading messages of faith and love across the globe require lot of generous support from donors. Christian groups or members of the Church undertake religious missions across the globe. The mission can become an impossible one, if there are no funds to back the same. Here are some fundraising ideas you can use for the mission:

Sell organic goodies

Bake some eco friendly cookies or cakes and sell them at the local market. You can also post them online which can be on a make on order basis. The fundraising event has to be planned well in advance to get maximum mileage out of it.

Hold auctions

If you know some rich people, or big business owners, you could talk to them about donating a few things for a charity auction. Celebrities are willing to donate their clothes, bags or other collectibles for a cause.

Hold a car wash event

Start promoting the car wash event days before the actual event. You can put up tent cards or banners in the neighbourhood announcing the charity car wash event.

Garage sale

Collect odds and ends for a local garage sale. Everyone has something they are not using any more and would like to sell off. If you hold the garage sale for a long time, you might be able to actually collect a good amount.

Organize fun competitions

The mission may be carry seriously important messages, but the fundraising event need not miss out on fun! Organize a fun competition for kids or adults with creative use of obstacles, art work, and unique foods. You can organize the event at a local park or community hall that supports your mission. Sell other knick-knacks here at this event, to raise more dollars. Anything from themed jewellery to cookies can be sold for a neat profit.

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