Fundraising Ideas for Military and Veterans

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.A Veteran’s Day alone may not be enough to honor the real life action heroes. Many veterans are homeless in the United States and also struggle to find jobs despite possessing necessary skills. Not only that, post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is also commonly seen in war veterans. Extending a helping hand to the ones who are ready to lay down their lives for fellow countrymen, is a very noble deed.

Here are some ideas to raise funds for the welfare of military and veterans:

Donation boxes

Distribute donation boxes to local shops and restaurants, doctor’s clinics and so on. Neatly print a label on the box that explains what you are asking for and why.

Spread the word online

Make a poster or banner online explaining the cause and share it with everyone you know on Facebook. For a small budget, you can also promote your post on Facebook so that it can reach many. You can tie up with the local multiplex or grocery store for incentives for those who donate. Free movie passes or gift coupons to buy groceries are some ideas to provide more incentives for those who donate.

Hold a military march day

Invite friends or co-workers in your workplace to a “March for the martyrs” day. Plan a location and print out a few tees or caps, badges to be sold at the location. Registration fee can be in different grades to make it affordable for maximum number of people.

Screen a war movie

Old war classics are always a favourite among the young and the old alike. Screen a war movie in your house, and invite friends, family and neighbours. Charge a small fee for the movie and some yummy snacks that you can easily whip up.

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