Fundraising Ideas for Medical and Health

Jeanese WardSometimes a sickness can make you stay in the hospital for several weeks. You might also require surgery or at-home care at some point in your life. We know that medical expenses can be exorbitant and seem even more burdensome when you’re sick or in pain.

How do you handle the unending bills coming your way? Well, here are some fundraising ideas for medical and health purposes that could get you past the fence:

Fundraising Walkathon

We often hear about walkathons that help raise funds to support a medical cause. These fundraising walks are typically organized by large medical and research institutions, but can also be instituted on a smaller scale. A community fundraising walkathon is great way to raise money for a specific medical expense.

You simply need to contact your family and friends and ask for their support. Get them to participate in the walkathon and also attempt advertising it to the community at large.

Raise money through social media

Did you know that nearly all medical fundraisers which have been successful in collecting over $10,000 on YouCaring are due to the support of Facebook? Yes, Facebook is indeed a brilliant tool for communicating with your target audience.

After you have managed to receive donations from close family and friends, as well as neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances, it is time to connect with the masses and this can be done through Facebook. Design a donation page on Facebook and share your personal story, explaining why you need medical support.

Leverage local businesses

As a third step in your medical fundraising campaign, reach out to local companies for donations rather than global businesses like Apple or IBM. Employees, clients and customers usually prefer to make donations to local families rather than those living in a foreign country.

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