Fundraising Ideas for Kids and Family

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.There can be numerous reasons for people to raise funds for their families. In today’s world , taking care of a family is a very challenging task. What with expenses rising at staggering speed, while salaries are actually seeing a downward trend, it can be difficult to take care of all a family’s necessities and needs.

The needs of a family can either be basic needs or secondary needs. Basic needs are those that pertain to everyday survival while secondary needs are those that are required to make life comfortable. Both types of needs are required for people to live decent lives. Here are some reasons that you can raise funds for your family for:


This is the most common necessity in families today – education. With rising college and tuition fees, it is getting increasingly difficult for families with less income to afford to send their kids for higher education. This is one of the most common issues that fundraisers and crowdfunding happens for.

Medical problems

Medical bills are very expensive! A simple visit to the physician can burn a hole right through your pockets. As such, contracting any serious illness or disease can have a devastating effect on the family, especially if it cannot afford the treatment.

House and shelter

It is very difficult to live in a rented place. Everyone needs a place that they can call their own. Having a home is a basic need that can be fulfilled by crowdfunding.

Court cases

Some families get caught up with court cases, even when they cannot afford them. There is no saying how long a court case can be dragged, and lawyers don’t come cheap. Fundraising campaigns can also be initiated to sustain the family at least until the case is over.

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