Fundraising Ideas for Fraternities and Sororities

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Here are some easy, fun and efficient ideas for raising money for your fraternity or sorority:


A raffle is an excellent fraternity fundraising idea, an also a pretty large-scale one. This kind of a fundraiser could help fill your fraternity fund box for almost the entire year. For example, if your fraternity has 30 brothers and each of them manages to sell 15 tickets at $20 each, you will actually manage to collect $9,000 for your fraternity. Set the raffle prize at $2,000, and your total fraternity fundraiser amounts to $7,000.

Tutor other students

Your fraternity or sorority president could a naturally gifted mathematician. Alternatively, a pledge sister in the sorority could be proficient at writing thesis and outlining essays. Analyze the strong academic points of your organization and use them for helping out other fellow students. This will help raise funds for your upcoming chapter.

You could easily establish a tutoring service with a tiny hourly fee. But make sure that you also have enough time to focus on your own academics and school work.

Date Auctions

This one is definitely a fun fundraising idea for fraternities and sororities at a university. You can help fellow students at the college find their true love while also raising some funds in the process. How? Organize a date auction.

Look for enthusiastic participants and create themed dates such as a movie date or picnic date and so on. Allow audience members to place bid on the person they are most interested in. You could also consider selling concessions in order to collect more money.

For those planning to use this particular fundraising idea for sororities and fraternities, it is important to ensure that everything is done in a good spirit. Your audience needs to know why the money is being raised.

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