Fundraising Ideas for Adoption

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Each family goes through a unique adoption journey and that involves the funding process. But there aren’t many families that can write hefty checks worth $25,000 or more in order to fund their adoption procedure. Most of them have to seek alternative funding options such as the following:

Online crowdfunding

Researchers studying adoption funding inform that the best fundraising adoption websites are those which allow you to create a fundraising profile enabling tax-deductible donations. Some of the most popular ones include Pure Charity, YouCaring and AdoptTogether.

Fundraising letters

Don’t hesitate to send a personal adoption letter to friends, family, church members and colleagues and clearly explain your needs and goals regarding adoption. Offer options for donations to your providers.

Besides sending out written letters by mail, you could also digital means of communication such as email, social media and blogging to fasten the process of collection. Remember, every family has different needs and is likely to utilize its own unique method (s) for sharing its personal story.

Just remember to be honest, genuine and specific when sharing your story. Be open about why you wish to adopt a child, the funds you need and the different ways in which people can get involved in the process.

Auctions and giveaways

Some of the other fun and exciting ways of raising money for adoption include auctions and giveaways. For example, you could organize a dessert auction and request your friends and family to donate some of their best-selling home-bakes goodies. These recipes could also be compiled and made into a cookbook that could be auctioned at the event!

Your family and friends could also organize a massive online auction for your adoption fundraising. There might be several innovative friends and family who could donate creative items to the auction or raffle.

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