Accidents and Personal Crisis

Fundraising Ideas for Accidents & Personal Crisis

Accidents and Personal Crisis

Fundraising Ideas for Accidents & Personal Crisis

5 Key Elements When Looking For Help

When it comes to unforeseen calamity and misfortune there are many ways you can seek the financial help but you need to rebuild your life through fundraising. We need to be cleared about fundraising ideas for accidents and personal crisis before we start the campaign.

There are 5 key elements or ideas when looking for helping hearts to help you during a accident or personal  crisis.

Tell Your Story

Firstly, it’s important to tell your story and explain your situation. This can be difficult, because it means being very vulnerable and transparent. However, it is crucial for people to understand you as a person and the situation which you are facing. This helps people to see just why their help is so important and much needed. So remember to be very clear and honest.   

Set a Fixed and Clear Deadline

Next, it’s imperative that you set a fixed and clear deadline of when you need to have the funds by. This may seem a bit uncomfortable, but it’s a really vital step in the process. Being precise about your dates and deadlines helps people realistically gage their ability to contribute to your cause in a very natural way.

Prove Your Authenticity

The third step is to prove your authenticity and validate your fundraiser by showing that other people have already contributed to your cause. This helps future donors feel comfortable with giving to a new cause, especially one that’s online.

 Create a Backup Funding Source

After that, the fourth thing you want to do is create a backup funding source for your cause by hosting smaller fundraisers. This works by breaking up your causes into smaller more chewable chunks. For instance, if it’s fundraiser for a house fire, in which everything was lost, the fund raising can be broken up into sections like, clothing, furniture, etc… This helps you reach your goal step by step.

Show Them

And finally, but probably one of the most important steps is to show them. Show people who you are and what you’re going through with pictures. The web is a very powerful place, but not because of avid readers, but avid watchers. People are naturally visual and you increase your chances of donations by including as many as possible appropriate photos of your story.

Following these steps will ensure you a successful fundraising campaign to be the helping hand when you need it the most.

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