Fundraising Ideas for Emergencies and Disasters

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.Disasters cause widespread misery, depriving people of even the most basic necessities to life. It is in these times that the generosity and sympathy of people comes to light, as is reflected in the way people donate and help to rehabilitate the affected people as soon as possible. However, fund-raisers are often left wondering how to raise funds with better, more effective ideas so that more people can benefit from the funds that are raised. To increase funds, it’s important for fund-raising campaigns to be effective, able to evoke empathy, and able to communicate well to potential donors. Here are some fund-raising ideas that you can use to generate more funds for emergencies and natural disasters.

 Organize charity concerts

Everyone loves music! This is why organizing fund-raising concerts is one of the best ways to raise funds for natural disasters. When people realize that the money they pay will be going for the betterment of someone somewhere, they will be more than ready to participate, thereby making your fund-raising campaign a success.

Bake sales or backyard sales

While organizing a concert maybe effective, it can definitely prove to be difficult to organize. For something on a smaller scale, but not any less effective, get people in your neighbourhood to participate in a bake or backyard sale instead.

Crowd funding

If you are an individual with not much social contacts or knowledge about how it’s done, but still want to do your bit, then you can try crowd funding. Thanks to the connectivity that the Internet has brought us, it is not difficult to bring people together for a common cause and raise funds for people affected by disasters. Crowd-funding is a simple, quick, yet highly effective option for people who want to do their bit but don’t know how to organize events or programs.

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