Fundraising Campaign Strategy and the Importance of Courageous Storytelling

Jeanese Ward

Fundraising Campaign Strategy

Fundraising campaigns are normally attached to a cause and that cause is normally something that stems out of a story. There is always a story behind why the campaign was started, or a success story where the campaign has really worked in the lives of the people it sets out to help.

The Motive Behind Why

Think of it like the motive behind why this program has been taken up. For example, the founder of the organization that you are organizing a drive might be collecting funds to buy blankets. People sleep on the streets and during the winter months, they might need more warmth. That is a compelling cause, yes, but how can you take this situation and create a story? When did the organizers first start, and why? There might be a human interest story behind the cause. They might have seen a homeless guy shiver in the cold and die. That is a something that can actually move a person to build an organization dedicated to making sure people are warm in winter.

Give an Account

Another way to tell a story is to give an account of how the funds have been used to better the life of a benefactor. So if the funds go into a providing books or towards tuition for kids who cannot afford it. You can pick one or more of the children who have benefited from the funds, got through school and college and is now in a good place in life. They might have reached a stage where they themselves are contributing towards this campaign on a yearly basis. Have one or two such successful recipients share their story in the form of a video or written fliers.

Do Not Fabricate Stories

What you need to keep in mind is that the story has got to be true. You cannot fabricate stories, that is something that you should never do. That is unethical as well as insulting to those who give to the campaign. Keep the storytelling straightforward and to the point. Keep it engaging and free of unnecessary drama and flair. The story is designed to evoke emotion, but it should not take away from the core message, that is collection of funds.

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