How Your Fundraiser Description Length Influences Donations

Gregory A. Ward,Sr.

The Description of Your Fundraiser

Images and videos play a major role in the success of your campaign, but did you know that the description of your fundraiser can influence donations too? To generate donations, people have to clearly understand your cause and the process of your campaign, so word count acts as a factor here. Here are some tips on how you can create a description for your donation page and attract potential donors.

Limit Your Description

Nobody really enjoys reading lengthy articles, so limit your description to 400 words. The word count can affect your campaign’s visibility on Google and other search engines. As much as it is important to keep your description detailed, it’s a good idea to not write an essay. The key is how effectively you can get the reader to understand your cause and campaign with a limited number of words. It is suggested that your description should not be shorter than 400 words, and a maximum of 1000 words is the ideal word count.

Using Certain Keywords

Your description has to include the cause, current hardship, the reasons for a fundraiser, and details on how the funds are going to be used. To ensure that your fundraiser shows up on search engines, you’ll need to use certain keywords. These keywords depend on your cause, but they are not difficult to generate. Basically, you need to optimize the description so that search engines pick it up when someone is looking for something related to your cause.

Using The Beneficiaries Full Name

To make it easy for people to find your fundraiser, always make sure you’re using the beneficiary’s full name. Your URL link helps people decide whether a page is fake or not and whether it is worthy of their time, so enter the full name of your beneficiary in the URL and fundraiser name.

The Quality of Your Content

Another important aspect is the quality of your content. Write the description in such a way that it appears personal and can resonate with readers. Although you have to be concise, it isn’t difficult in creating a detailed description with limited word count. Detailed descriptions make it easier for people to better understand your cause and motivate them to donate to your campaign.

Adding hyperlinks In Your Description

Another tip is to add hyperlinks in the description which can take readers to other pages of your campaign or to the donation page itself. These tips should help you create the perfect description for your fundraiser.

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